Will SHIB’s Price Explode? Shiba Inu Prepares for Shibarium Launch


• Shiba Inu is preparing for the public launch of its Shibarium (L2) update.
• The platform has already processed over 22 million transactions in just four months.
• The team has implemented upgraded safety measures and a new initiative, the Shib Association, to ensure smooth operations of the platform.

Shibarium Update

Shiba Inu is preparing for the public launch of its Shibarium (L2) update after successful private testing. This highly anticipated update has created excitement among the community, with some members having already received bridged $BONE tokens.

Smooth Operations

Shibarium has processed over 22 million transactions from a large number of wallets in just four months, with the team confirming its smooth operations. However, due to an initial issue there was a temporary pause in transactions and a decline in Shiba Inu’s price to $0.000008.

Safety Measures

The Shibarium team introduced upgraded safety measures to prevent potential disruptions caused by sudden spikes in traffic, including rate limits at the RPC level and an automated server reset system.

Shib Association

Further excitement is created by the announcement from Shibburn -the official Shiba Inu burn tracker- introducing the Shib Association as a new initiatve for token holders to benefit from staking rewards and other incentives such as exclusive access to products and services related to digital assets or cryptocurrencies .


With these updates, Shibu Inu looks primed for success as it prepares for its public debut of its highly anticipated Shibarium (L2) update -which should lead to more adoption and increased prices across SHIB tokens soon!