Polkadot-Based GameFi Ajuna Raises $7M for Ecosystem Expansion


• Polkadot-Based GameFi Ajuna Network has obtained $7 Million in funding to develop its network and suite of tools.
• The private round was led by Asian blockchain-focused venture capital (VC) firm CMCC Global, raising $5 million.
• The seed round was led by Animoca Brands, OKX Blockdream Ventures, Signum Capital, and Charlie Morris of CMCC Global.

Polkadot-Based GameFi Ajuna Network Raises $7M

Ajuna Network, a Polkadot-based decentralized gaming platform, has secured a total of $7 million in funding from industry investors through private and seed rounds. The raised funds will be used to enhance the network’s tools and gaming ecosystem.

Private Round Led By CMCC Global

The private funding round was led by Asian blockchain-focused venture capital (VC) firm CMCC Global for an amount of $5 million. Joining the list of investors backing Ajuna’s parent company BloGa Tech AG are Animoca Brands, OKX Blockdream Ventures, and Signum Capital. Commenting on the investment round, Founding Partner of CMCC Global Charlie Morris said: “We are thrilled to be leading this funding round into Ajuna. The platform empowers studios to incorporate immutable digital assets into their games, resulting in powerful new experiences for gamers.”

Seed Round Led By Animoca Brands

This month saw another seed round being announced with an additional amount of $2 million being raised. This around was led by Animoca Brands along with other investors such as Charlie Morris from CMCC Global and OKX Blockdream Ventures & Signum Capital all investing in BloGa Tech AG – parent company of Ajuna Network.

Goal To Enhance Gamer Experience Through Blockchain & NFTs

With the fresh influx in capital, Ajuna is looking to improve its platform by integrating better game engines and off-chain game operators with the aim to enhance gamers’ experience through blockchain technology & non-fungible tokens (NFTs).


Overall these investments in Ajuna show that there is a strong interest from investors for projects aimed at enhancing user experience through decentralization technologies such as blockchain & NFTs within gaming platforms/networks