Gives Away Tesla Model 3 – Enter to Win!


•, a DeFi platform, is offering a Tesla Model 3 giveaway to its community.
• The giveaway is organized by in collaboration with many renowned DeFi companies.
• Participants need to access the giveaway page and complete certain actions to increase their chances of winning. Announces Tesla Model 3 Giveaway, a DeFi platform that wants to make DeFi accessible to everyone, has great news for its community! On March 6th, 2023, announced a collaboration with some big names in the DeFi world to give away a Tesla Model 3 as part of their celebrations for the release of their new roadmap on March 10th.

The Goal Behind the Giveaway

The goal behind this generous giveaway is to incentivize more people into joining the growing world of DeFi and see how it can benefit them in different ways. With this amazing prize at stake, people will be more encouraged to join and explore the possibilities that come with it! The team is thrilled about this announcement and hopes it will attract even more users into exploring what DeFi has to offer them.

Collaboration with Other Big Names in the Industry

This exciting giveaway was made possible through Grizzly’s collaboration with other renowned companies such as Vacabee, Stader XCAD Network, DEUS Finance, Persistence Fear Thena Coin98 Finance Galactic and Biswap who are all equally excited about this amazing opportunity they are offering their communities together!

How To Participate?

To participate in the Tesla Model 3 giveaway all you need to do is access the official giveaway page sign up using your details and follow through with some simple steps that will increase your chances of winning this amazing prize! Make sure not to miss out on your chance at owning one of these beautiful cars – keep an eye out for updates from Grizzly or any other participating company so you don’t miss out on anything important!


This incredible announcement by Grizzly has really upped the excitement surrounding their upcoming roadmap reveal on March 10th – we can’t wait to see what they come up with next! Don’t forget – if you want a shot at winning that Tesla Model 3 make sure you sign up now before it’s too late!