FLOKI Skyrockets 40% After Listing on Binance.US


• FLOKI’s price rose by 40% after Binance.US opened FLOKI/USD and FLOKI/USDT trading pairs.
• The surge happened shortly after the American subsidiary of Binance – Binance.US – listed the asset on its platform.
• Elon Musk’s interaction with it in February could be a possible reason behind the surge in its token’s price.

FLOKI Skyrockets After Listing on Binance US

The popular meme-inspired cryptocurrency, FLOKI, has seen a huge surge in its token’s price after being listed on Binance US, the American arm of the cryptocurrency exchange giant, rising more than 40%.

FLOKI Trading Pairs Added to Binance US

Binance US announced that users can now trade FLOKI against both USD and USDT on their platform, following which we saw an immediate reaction from the crypto markets, with prices rising up to almost $0.00003987 – a 40% increase over 24 hours prior to this announcement.

Elon Musk Interaction Could Be Behind Price Surge

The sudden rise in price is believed to be linked back to Elon Musk’s interaction with it in February, when he posted a sarcastic picture of his Shiba Inu breed (named Floki) wearing glasses and signing a contract to become the new CEO of Twitter. This post likely brought attention back to the asset and thus sparked interest within investors leading them to buy up large amounts thereby driving up prices.

Fuelling Further Growth for FLOKI

With this recent listing on one of the largest exchanges worldwide, coupled with continued support from celebrities such as Elon Musk, it appears that this memecoin will continue growing at an unprecedented rate over upcoming months – potentially becoming one of top performing coins across all crypto markets!


It remains unclear what other factors may contribute towards its growth but it can be safely assumed that this memecoin will soon not just remain restricted within niche circles but instead become mainstream amongst digital asset traders globally!