Bitcoin Equaliser Review – Is it SCAM?

Bitcoin Equaliser Summary

Let’s begin the beginning of Bitcoin Equaliser review with a an overview of all the information you should be aware of about the platform:

Assets Traded NFTs
Minimum Deposit $250
Trading Fees None
Claimed Success Rate 99.6%
Mobile App

Bitcoin Equaliser Review

The trading of cryptocurrencies is not just an interest; it’s the mainstay that could help you be extremely rich. The greatest benefit of trading in cryptocurrency in the present time is that you don’t require any sort of trading expertise in crypto. There are automated platforms for trading in crypto which can be utilized to earn money from the cryptocurrency market every day.

However, it is essential to test and review these platforms as there are so many options and it is easy to get lost when trying to locate one that works. This is the reason why this Bitcoin Equaliser crypto trading platform was examined.

Bitcoin Equaliser is an authentic

Before we could begin this review is important to verify the fact that Bitcoin Equaliser is a legit trading platform. Only certified crypto trading platforms are allowed for trading on the market for crypto. This is because the platforms for trading in crypto that are registered adhere to the established rules that govern the operation of online cryptocurrency trading systems.

After verifying it was true that Bitcoin Equaliser is credible, it was time to try the live trading feature available on the website.

Tips: Register with Bitcoin Equaliser today. The trial version that is free will not be available anymore. Start Free Trail Now.

How do I start?

The procedure that cryptocurrency traders need to follow before they can begin trading using Bitcoin Equaliser is very simple. The first step is to be registered. Then, the details must be checked to verify that you are real and you are able to make a payment.

1. Sign up for an account without cost

You must give your full name as well as password, email address and the number of your phone.

2. Make a deposit

You have the option of deciding whether to make a payment of the minimum amount or if you wish to invest more. Select your preferred payment method.

3. Trade in the market

Since the dashboard for trading is available it is possible to check your progress and even withdraw.

It is crucial to deposit funds prior to beginning the live trading session of Bitcoin Equaliser. Bitcoin Equaliser crypto trading platform.The deposit can be used to buy the cryptocurrency at a low cost that could be sold for an income in the future. Fortunately, Bitcoin Equaliser allows its users to start trading only $250. that’s the minimum amount of deposit required to use the cryptocurrency trading platform.

After depositing money after which the trader is able to start the live trading session. In the course of the course of this test, we were able to have enough time to look at live trading with the Bitcoin Equaliser live trading robot which was extremely fast and we were able to see that the trades were precise.

Finding the most effective bargains available

It is evident it was evident that Bitcoin Equaliser trading robot had an inclination to select those trading opportunities available. This is why a lot of the reviews which have been submitted by happy customers show they are satisfied with the amount of money they made trading using Bitcoin Equaliser.

Trading sessions are likely to last for around a couple of hours, dependent on the trader’s free time. It is best to let the system to trade for more duration, in order to make more cash from the crypto market.

The amount of profit made

When this live trade session the system that calculates payouts automatically estimated the profit we earned. The total profit was $936 and that’s from trading only $250. It was an incredible moment; who could ever have believed it was possible to earn this many dollars from the cryptocurrency market for such a small capital investment?

After having read a number of reviews written by happy Bitcoin Equaliser traders, it is clear that the traders are making as much money than we did and more.

Bitcoin Equaliser Tips & Tricks

    • Take a look at the courses offered on CoinMarketCap along with Coinbase to earn free cryptocurrency
    • You might want to consider purchasing a .crypto domain for your business (via The Unstoppable Domains)
    • Always conduct your own investigation (watching YouTube videos can go far)
    • Beware of fraudsters (they are everywhere Unfortunately)
    • Can you afford to put in the same amount as you are making?

A few traders who use Bitcoin Equaliser every day have verified that they earn up to $5,000 in the cryptocurrency market each day, but there’s an issue.

Investors who earn up to $5,000 in the cryptocurrency market have put in more capital. It is possible to conclude that investing more money into the crypto market will bring an increase in capital.

This is great news and it’s reassuring to know that a lot of individuals will not have to find an amount of capital before they are able to start earning profit from the crypto market. The minimum amount for deposit on Bitcoin Equaliser, which is $250, is very affordable.

Assessment of performance for Bitcoin Equaliser

The tests conducted to validate the performance assessment of the platform for trading in crypto are now available. Test results show that the trading robot used on Bitcoin Equaliser has an accuracy rating of 99%..

This is a fantastic scoreand is not surprising when you consider the incredible trading experience that everyone enjoys through the exchange. The performance evaluation was well received by crypto experts who know the way these systems function.

They say it’s possible to achieve such a an outstanding score if founders of Bitcoin Equaliser have invested so in the top cryptocurrency trading tools available on the platform.

Bitcoin Equaliser Pros & Cons


    • Registration is simple and easy to complete, as well as verification
    • Customizable trading settings for trading
    • A user-friendly interface that is easy to use
    • No hidden costs and no broker commissions.


  • The cryptocurrency market is limited in terms of options
  • No mobile app
  • Information that is vague and often misleading on the site

Trade crypto in confidence

The results of the review have revealed that a variety of security measures have been put in place in the bitcoin Lifestyle cryptocurrency trading platform to ensure every user is able to trade using the platform. These measures include;

The application of stop loss limits

It is almost unattainable to be a loser trading using Bitcoin Equaliser. The developers of the platform for automated trading have proven this by describing the incorporated stop loss function on the website.

It’s a feature that permits Bitcoin Equaliser Bitcoin Equaliser trading robot to look over the crypto market to identify possible negative market trends. If a risk in the market is discovered the robot will stop the trading session in order to safeguard money of investors.

Users have been granted permission to enable the feature stop-loss of their accounts. Certain crypto traders who are experts will not be interested in activating this feature particularly when trading on reliable market data which indicates that tends to remain positive throughout the trading session.

Access code

Account owners who trade using Bitcoin Miner regularly have been instructed to keep access codes private. These are the passwords as well as other codes that could be used to gain access remotely to an Bitcoin Equaliser account. Access codes should be regularly changed to make it harder for hackers to gain access to the cryptocurrency trading platform.

Enables a 2-factor authentication

This is a specific security feature that will send a unique code to the account’s email address whenever they require to take certain actions like withdrawals or deposits. As is the norm, crypto traders are able to turn on the 2-factor authentication method.

Tips: Register with Bitcoin Equaliser today. The trial version that is free will not be available anymore. Start Free Trail Now.

Trading benefits

Bitcoin traders that have set up their tents using Bitcoin Equaliser will enjoy the advantages of trading listed below:

Daily profit from the cryptocurrency market

This is great news for people in need of work who require a reliable sources of revenue. The active cryptocurrency traders who make use of the system usually affirm that the amount of money they earn each day is stable.

Affordable trading experience

The minimum amount of deposit of $250, it’s affordable for crypto-savvy investors to start trading on Bitcoin Equaliser. The platform for automated trading has a lower initial amount of deposit, compared to other platforms. It is an acceptable rate since other platforms require a minimum deposit that can be as high as $2,000.

Forex trading without the hassle of speculation on currency

Auto trading platforms may be used with no need to speculate on the rates of exchange. The process of speculating about prices can be stressful, and even losses could result if the wrong decisions are taken. Bitcoin Equaliser is a Bitcoin Equaliser trading robot handles all aspects of price speculation. This is extremely useful for investors of all kinds.

Bitcoin Equaliser Review – Conclusion

It’s a perfect automated cryptocurrency trading platform. This review has not revealed any reason to be concerned. Bitcoin Equaliser is recommended to all.

Overall score:

Bitcoin Equaliser – FAQ

Does Bitcoin Equaliser have customer support?

Yes. The site provides 24/7 customer support to address any queries or issues you might have.

Do you pay to use Bitcoin Equaliser?

No. Bitcoin Equaliser is reportedly available for free, without additional charges or hidden fees with the exception of a small fee that is only charged on the winning transactions.

Can I use Bitcoin Equaliser on my phone?

Yes, you can. Bitcoin Equaliser is accessible through the Internet and on mobile phones. The company has not yet released its own Android or iOS application.

What’s the reason I require connecting with a broker for the use of Bitcoin Equaliser?

Bitcoin Equaliser offers its own trading tools, but the broker offers financial services. It takes care of your withdrawals and deposits, and connects you with an exchange that leverages your funds.

Do I have a restriction on the amount that I am able to take money out of the account?

There’s no limit on the number of times you may take money out, with any money that you transfer to the accounts of users showing up in a matter of just a few seconds.

Bitcoin Profit Experience & Test

Bitcoin Profit’s bot was developed to offer Bitcoin traders the opportunity to make profits with it without the investor also owning the tokens.
Bitcoin trading has taken off at a rapid pace, especially in recent years, with more and more investors participating. However, the cryptocurrency market shows great complexity, which prevents many traders from trading at a profit.
This is one of the reasons why the cryptocurrency bot was developed. This bot takes over the entire trading process and can thus save the investor some of the stress that can often occur when trading. Many Bitcoin bots can be found on the internet. The bot from Bitcoin Profit is one of the best and most successful of its kind.


Bitcoin Profit – what does it mean?

With Bitcoin Profit, a trading bot was developed with which investors can make big profits. In doing so, they do not have to bother about analysing trends and immensely large amounts of data. Immediately after the minimum deposit of $250, the bot will start analysing the market. It identifies trading opportunities and places trades completely automatically.
Due to the verifiable accuracy and the large returns, the chances of achieving four times the investment within a few weeks increase significantly. The state-of-the-art program technology results in the placement of lucrative trades.

Features & Functionality


Bitcoin Profit – who is behind it?

It is not known who created Bitcoin Profit. However, this is not relevant for this software. Those bots that are actually genuine and work with innovative algorithms are often copied from lesser-known models. Therefore, it should be important for the investor to log in or register on the official site of Bitcoin Profit. The platform has a huge network of reputable and regulated brokers.

###3 steps###

Opinions about Bitcoin Profit

After depositing money into an automated software, I was already worried about whether the money would suddenly be gone or not. But it turned out quite differently, because it was the best thing I have done so far. For a very long time, actually since I signed up with Bitcoin Profit, my account is no longer in the red but in the black. So thanks to Bitcoin Profit, I still have money available from the previous month. With Bitcoin Profit, my life has changed for the better. I don’t worry about debts any more, because I don’t have any. For the first time, I can even save for the future.

Advantages and disadvantages

Completely automated: The programme is designed to do all the trading for the investor.
Advanced programme: Bitcoin Profit is based on innovative algorithms unlike other bots.
Customer support: The customer service is available to traders around the clock. All questions are answered in an adept manner.
The picture: Bitcoin Profit is one of the leading trading robots on the market. Only reputable and regulated brokers are used.
Proven: Very many verifiable user reviews show a strong track record.

Limited cryptocurrencies: Only the most valuable and popular cryptocurrencies are available for trading.


Bitcoin Profit shows itself to be a bitcoin trading bot that is very lucrative in its application. Nevertheless, you should always keep in mind that the bot may well show one or two losing trades.
The test of the Bitcoin Profit crypto bot shows that it works profitably. The bot can easily make thousands of dollars in profit in one day by buying and selling various cryptocurrencies. If you take a look around Bitcoin Profit’s site, you can read the latest updates and stay up to date. Each trade is closed after a very short time and the next one is prepared immediately. Through the diverse combinations of trades, a profit of over $1000 can be achieved within 24 hours.

The image of Bitcoin Profit compared to other bots

With Bitcoin Profit, traders have a platform at their disposal, just as investors want it. Moreover, the software performs much better than other contenders.
Therefore, Bitcoin Profit can be recommended without hesitation.

TA: Bitcoin gjenoppretter fra $ 45K, hvorfor det kan slite i nærheten av $ 52K

Bitcoin-prisen utvidet sin tilbakegang og testet $ 45.000-støtten mot den amerikanske dollaren. BTC gjenoppretter nå tap, men $ 52 000-sonen vil sannsynligvis fungere som en sterk motstand.

  • Bitcoin falt kraftig under $ 50 000, og det testet til og med støttesonen på $ 45 000.
  • Prisen er på bedring mot $ 50.000, og den er godt under det 100 timers enkle glidende gjennomsnittet.
  • Det er en viktig bearish trendlinje som danner motstand nær $ 51.200 på timediagrammet til BTC / USD-paret (datafeed fra Kraken).
  • Den forrige støtten nær $ 51.800 og $ 52.000 kunne fungere som en sterk barriere.

Bitcoin-pris nærmer seg hindringer

Det var store tap i bitcoin under støttenivået på $ 52 000 og $ 50 000. BTC testet til og med støttesonen på $ 45.000, og den la seg godt under det 100 timers enkle glidende gjennomsnittet.

En lav er dannet nær $ 44,960, og prisen gjenoppretter for øyeblikket tap. Det korrigeres over motstandsnivået på $ 46 500 og $ 48 000. Det var en pause over 23,6% Fib retracement-nivået for nedadgående bevegelse fra $ 58.400 sving høyt til $ 44.960 lavt.

Den tester nå motstanden på $ 50.000, men den er fortsatt godt under det 100 timers enkle glidende gjennomsnittet. Det er også en viktig bearish trendlinje som dannes med motstand nær $ 51.200 på timediagrammet til BTC / USD-paret. Den første store motstanden dannes nå nær $ 51.800-nivået.

50% Fib retracement-nivået for nedadgående bevegelse fra $ 58.400 sving høyt til $ 44.960 lavt er også nær $ 51.800. En nærhet over $ 51.800 og $ 52.000 motstandsnivåer er nødvendig for en ny økning mot $ 55.000 på kort sikt.

Nok en dypp i BTC?

Hvis bitcoin ikke klarer å fortsette høyere over trendlinjemotstanden og $ 51.800, er det sjanser for en ny dukkert. En første støtte på baksiden er nær $ 48.000-nivået.

Hovedstøtten dannes nå i nærheten av $ 45 000-sonen. Hvis det er en klar pause under $ 45.000-støtten, kan prisen dykke 8% -10% på kort sikt. Den neste store støtten sitter i nærheten av $ 40.000-nivået.

Tekniske indikatorer:

Time MACD – MACD får sakte fart i den bullish sonen.

Time RSI (Relative Strength Index) – RSI for BTC / USD er nå tilbake over 50-nivået.

Major Support Levels – $ 48.000, etterfulgt av $ 45.000.

Store motstandsnivåer – $ 51.800, $ 52.000 og $ 55.000.

The best-earning cryptocurrencies from February 1 to 8

The cryptocurrency market experienced strong growth between February 1 and 8.

Bitcoin led overall growth, with Dogecoin and Ethereum leading the pack for altcoins

These gains are the result of a wave of “bullish” news that has sparked record optimism in the market.

The past week has been marked by record gains for the entire cryptocurrency market. As the total market capitalization hits $ 1.3 trillion, BeInCrypto analyzes five of the best tokens on the market from the last week.

The total cryptocurrency market cap reached a record high of $ 1.33 trillion at the end of the week of February 1-8. Having started the week at $ 1.17 trillion, this represents an increase of 13.68%, one of the strongest one-week gains in market history.

Additionally, the total trading volume in the market (24h) stands at $ 196.7 billion at the time of writing, which is the highest level ever recorded in a single day this week.

BTC is up 30.4% this week, according to data from CoinGecko

The market’s leading cryptocurrency has seen its market capitalization climb to over $ 803 million as it approaches the $ 1,000 billion mark.

February 8 was marked by its highest single-day trading volume, reaching $ 73.3 billion at the time of writing. This rally follows a series of bullish headlines for BTC, including global BTC futures which have hit record highs.

More recently, an application filed with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission on February 8 showed that Elon Musk’s Tesla bought $ 1.5 billion worth of BTC this year.

The cryptocurrency’s second token, ETH, rose 30% this week, hitting a new high of $ 1,763.96. Additionally, for the first time in its history, the rally increased its market capitalization to over $ 200 million.

This makes this figure even more valuable than that of Wall Street giants such as Wells Fargo, Morgan Stanley and American Express. However, Ethereum’s bullish performance also skyrocketed network fees, with gas prices sometimes exceeding $ 70.

Scaramucci over GameStop en Bitcoin

Blockchain Bites: Scaramucci over GameStop en Bitcoin; waarom Flamingo DAO $762K liet vallen op een NFT

Anthony Scaramucci ziet de recente prijsactie van GameStop als een bewijs voor de grotere stelling van Bitcoin over het decentraliseren en democratiseren van financiën.

EY’s blockchain lead Paul Brody denkt dat gedecentraliseerde financiering (DeFi) naar de dagelijkse consument zou kunnen komen. Het EY-team richt zijn aandacht meestal Bitcoin Profit op enterprise blockchain, maar de roodgloeiende fintech-markt, en het spiegelbeeld daarvan in DeFi, heeft Brody’s aandacht getrokken. Volgens zijn theorie zouden platformen als Robinhood, PayPal en Square kunnen kijken om steeds populairdere DeFi-toepassingen te integreren.

“Als ik een gewaagde voorspelling zou moeten doen, denk ik dat tegen het einde van 2021 ten minste één grote financiële instelling het spel zal verbeteren ten opzichte van alle anderen door een vorm van DeFi voor consumenten aan te bieden, toegankelijk via hun enkele transactievenster voor een grote consumentenbasis,” vertelde hij Ian Allison van CoinDesk.
In augustus schreef Brody een opiniestuk op CoinDesk waarin hij stelde dat bedrijven DeFi zouden gebruiken als het niet zo openbaar was.
Ondertussen heeft Terraform Labs, de maker van Cosmos blockchain-gebaseerde “volatiliteitsvrije” tokens die gebruikt worden om synthetische aandelen te kopen, 25 miljoen dollar binnengehaald van bedrijven als Galaxy Digital, Coinbase Ventures, Pantera Capital en anderen.

Een bitcoin (BTC, +5,19%) exchange-traded fund (ETF) is onwaarschijnlijk, totdat de marktkapitalisatie van de cryptocurrency bijna vervijfvoudigt tot $ 2 biljoen, zei Ark Investment Management CEO Cathie Wood op het ETF Trends Big Ideas-evenement van dinsdag. Het langverwachte financiële instrument zou leiden tot meer institutionele betrokkenheid van bedrijven die indirecte blootstelling aan de volatiliteit van bitcoin willen.

De Securities and Exchange Commission moet een bitcoin-ETF nog goedkeuren, omdat de onderliggende waarde te illiquide is en gemanipuleerd kan worden.
Wood denkt echter dat het momentum in het voordeel van bitcoin is, nu voorstanders van blockchain, zoals Gary Gensler, belangrijke posities krijgen in de regelgeving.
Lloyd Blankfein, voormalig CEO van Goldman Sachs, is cynisch en zegt dat toezichthouders de hamer zullen neerhalen als bitcoin groot genoeg wordt.

Anthony Scaramucci van SkyBridge Capital, een nieuwkomer in de bitcoinparade, vergeleek de gemeenschap die de aandelen van GameStop (NYSE: GME) opdrijft met die van de bitcoin.

Voor de niet-ingewijden: GameStop is het favoriete aandeel geworden van een groep zogenaamde gedegenereerde gokkers die een hedgefonds willen verslaan dat short is gegaan op de stervende videogameverkoper. Op zoek om de short posities van de Wall Street firma’s te “squeezen”, heeft een ongelijksoortige groep handelaars, georganiseerd op Reddit, GME “ingepalmd” en de prijs opgedreven.

Melvin Capital en Citron Capital, de Goliaths van de ontaarde Davids, zijn naar verluidt gedwongen hun posities te sluiten met “een verlies van 100%”, volgens Bloomberg.
Het is echt een schouwspel om te zien. Scaramucci beschreef de prijsactie met termen als “democratiserend” en “decentraliserend” en noemde de hele show een “bewijs van concept dat bitcoin gaat werken.”
Voor degenen in dit gedecentraliseerde gepeupel die zich willen professionaliseren, heeft Bitcoin-aanjager en partner bij Morgan Creek Digital, Anthony Pompliano, een cryptobanenbord opgezet.

Op het spel

Afgelopen zaterdag heeft een gedecentraliseerde organisatie, Flamingo DAO, $761.889 gestort op één enkel token. Niet zomaar een willekeurige crypto, dit was een niet-fungibele, one-of-a-kind, getokeniseerde set pixels, genaamd een NFT. Het was ook een deel van de cryptocurrency geschiedenis.

Grayscale Investment now owns nearly 3 percent of all bitcoin

Institutional investors can’t seem to get their throats full and are buying more bitcoin (BTC) on Grayscale than miners can produce.

Demand for the digital gold is far outstripping supply, and last Monday alone Grayscale bought 16,244 BTC.

Grayscale, the world’s largest crypto hedge fund, now holds nearly three percent of all bitcoin in circulation. Furthermore, the investment firm has increased its crypto holdings by an average of 10 percent in recent months.

Grayscale buys $607 million worth of bitcoin

Last Monday, January 18, 2021, New York-based venture capital firm Grayscale made the largest BTC purchase in its history to date. This means that the amount of Bitcoin purchased by Grayscale far exceeds the daily BTC generated by mining. Miners currently generate just under 900 bitcoin a day. So all miners combined would take 18 days to mine the amount of BTC purchased by Grayscale. Moreover, according to WhalePanda, a well-known Twitter user in the crypto space, Grayscale has acquired over 60,000 BTC in the last 30 days, which would require miners to work for over two months.

$GBTC Bitcoin holdings keeps growing at an insane rate.
Yesterday 16k BTC was added which is the equivalent of 18 days of new coins being mined (900 per day).
Over the last 30 days it was 60k BTC which is more than 2 months of mining… and the trust was closed for 3 weeks.
– WhalePanda (@WhalePanda) January 19, 2021

In addition, Grayscale now manages $27.1 billion worth of assets, and nearly $23 billion of that is invested in Bitcoin.

01/15/21 UPDATE: Net Assets Under Management, Holdings per Share, and Market Price per Share for our Investment Products.

Furthermore, the fact that the investment firm continues to buy BTC speaks to continued high demand from institutional investors. As a result, Nikolaos Panigirtzoglou, investment strategist at JPMorgan, also believes that Bitcoin is heading for a new all-time high soon given the current demand. Moreover, he believes it is possible that even a BTC price of 146,000 US dollars can be achieved in the long term.

Pantera Capital sammenligner dagens Bitcoin-rally med 2017

Pantera spådde januar 2021-prisen i april 2020.

Selskapet siterer Mark Twain: “Historien gjentas ikke, men den rimer ofte.”

Pantera ser Bitcoin når en topp på rundt $ 115.000 i august 2021.

Vil du vite mer? Bli med i Telegram Group og få handelssignaler, et gratis handelskurs og daglig kommunikasjon med kryptofans!

Pantera Blockchain Letter for januar 2021 undersøker også spådommer for bitcoin etter halvering, og Ethereums verdi.

I det siste nyhetsbrevet klappet Pantera Capital seg på ryggen for i april 2020 å forutsi bitcoinprisen i januar 2021. Deretter så den på de grunnleggende forskjellene mellom 2017-boblen og dagens situasjon. Det undersøkte også Ethereum, og fant det undervurdert sammenlignet med bitcoin.

En uke fri

Pantera Capital startet januar-nyhetsbrevet sitt med å se på prisbevegelsene på bitcoin siden halveringen i mai 2020. Etter å ha forklart de teoretiske effektene av halveringen på tilbud og prissetting av bitcoin, presenterer selskapet korrelasjonene til sine spådommer. Enkelt sagt, de ble mer eller mindre oppfylt.

Markedet forsinket den anslåtte prisen som Pantera hadde satt med så mye som 15 uker sommeren 2020. Imidlertid var markedsprisen på bitcoin lik slutten av desember på projeksjonen. Videre, i midten av januar, var anslaget bak en uke.

Neste dato, 15. februar 2021, har en anslått pris på $ 45,268. Tabellen viser priser til og med 1. august 2021, med en topppris på $ 115,212 den gangen.

Denne gangen ER den annerledes – og ikke

Etter å ha pekt på likhetene mellom bitcoins sykluser basert på tilbuds- og belønningspriser, så Pantera på forskjellene mellom den nåværende bommen og 2017-boblen. Forfatterne peker spesielt på dominansen av “nå bevist” bitcoin og ethereum i dette løpet. Til sammen utgjør de to 86% av markedsvolumet nå, i motsetning til omtrent 50% i 2017.

Også markedet forstår miljøet tydeligere denne gangen. I forrige løp var den andre halvdelen av markedsvolumet “for det meste ikke-fungerende tokens”. Peker på sprøytenarkomanen rundt ICO-prosjektene på den tiden, gir de en skarp vurdering. “Det er åpenbart umulig å komme med 50 geniale ideer hver uke, hver uke.”

Er Ethereum undervurdert?

Det tredje hovedtemaet for co-CIO-ene er Ethereums verdi. Joey Krug bemerker at noen bitcoin-relaterte data peker på en kommende sving mot Ethereum. For eksempel,Bitcoin- dominans er i den høyeste enden av rekkevidden, noe som kan føre til en rotasjon til Ethereum. Han advarer mot å sammenligne BTC og ETH, men “som digitalt gull og DeFi er to forskjellige ting.”

Samtidig uttaler Krug at på P / E-multipler er Ethereum lavt. Dermed er saken for Ethereum høy. Hvor mye? Basert på transaksjonsgebyrer er den nåværende impliserte P / E-multipla 79. Imidlertid vokser den underliggende bruken 25 ganger (total verdi i DeFi) – 100 ganger (DEX) år over år.

Laut Nexo-Mitbegründer könnte die jüngste Korrektur von Bitcoin auf den Einzelhandel zurückzuführen sein

Preisrückgänge an den Bullenmärkten können vor einem makro-bullischen Hintergrund auftreten.

Der Preis für Bitcoin ( BTC ) ist seit dem 8. Januar erheblich gesunken und betrug zum Zeitpunkt der Veröffentlichung insgesamt mehr als 10.000 US-Dollar.

Privatanleger könnten laut Nexo-Mitbegründer Antoni Trenchev Teil der Gründe für den Rückgang sein

“Die Preiskorrektur, die wir sehen, wurde von Privatanlegern nach dem Vorbild von Institutionen vorgenommen, die das Bitcoin-Hoch geschaffen haben”, sagte er am 11. Januar gegenüber Cryptosoft und fügte hinzu:

„Nachdem BTC 40.000 USD überschritten hatte, befanden sich die Gewinne auf einem Höhepunkt, der kleinere Investoren auslöste, die verständlicherweise eher dazu neigen, schnell zu verkaufen. In den letzten Tagen gab es eine Vielzahl von Ausverkaufstransaktionen – der BTC-Preisverfall ist das Ergebnis einer Anhäufung dieser Transaktionen. “

Nachdem Bitcoin sein Rekordhoch von 2017 in der Nähe von 20.000 USD überschritten hatte, verdoppelte es sich schnell und erreichte bis zum 8. Januar fast 42.000 USD pro Münze.

In den folgenden Tagen fiel der digitale Vermögenswert um ungefähr 28% auf fast 30.100 USD

Preiserhöhungen gehen oft mit Rückzügen einher, obwohl ein Retracement nicht unbedingt das Ende eines gesamten Makro-Bullenmarktes anzeigt. Was würde also ein Makro-Bitcoin-Top signalisieren?

“Es gibt einige beobachtbare Anzeichen, auf die man achten muss”, sagte Trenchev am 8. Januar gegenüber Coitelegraph. “Die Regulierung hat beispielsweise einen starken Einfluss auf den Markt”, bemerkte er. “Regulierungsaktivitäten, die die Regeln für Krypto zu verschärfen scheinen, können neue Käufer davon abhalten.”

Die Aufsichtsbehörden der Vereinigten Staaten haben in den letzten Jahren ihr Engagement im Kryptoraum verstärkt – möglicherweise das Zeichen einer reifen Industrie. In letzter Zeit sind mehrere rechtliche Schritte ins Rampenlicht gerückt, darunter ein Vorschlag der US-Regierung zur Verfolgung digitaler Vermögenswerte , die aus dem Austausch genommen wurden.

“Es besteht sogar die Möglichkeit einer Übererregung auf der Oberseite, die zu einem gewissen Absturz führen kann, obwohl ich bezweifle, dass dies ein zu großes Problem darstellt”, sagte Trenchev. “Seit 2013 gab es jedes Jahr einen” Crash “von rund 25% eines Höchststandes zu Beginn des gleichen Jahres, und dennoch erreichen wir mit BTC Höhen, die es noch nie zuvor gegeben hat”, fügte er hinzu. “Korrekturen wie diese sind ein unvermeidlicher Aspekt des Marktverhaltens”, sagte er am 8. Januar und bezog sich auf eine kleinere Korrektur, die an diesem Tag erfolgte.

“Zu Recht wird so viel von institutionellem Engagement in Bezug auf die Bitcoin-Preisbewegung gemacht – jedoch ist die Einzelhandelsaktivität etwas, auf das man genau achten muss, wenn der Markt die Spitze erreicht hat”, erklärte Trenchev. “Viele werden in Panik geraten, ihren Gewinn mitnehmen und weggehen – was einen Dominoeffekt auf den Rest des Marktes haben kann.”

In der zweiten Hälfte des Jahres 2020 wurde eine beachtliche Menge an Bitcoin-Aufmerksamkeit von Mainstream-Giganten wie MicroStrategy und MassMutual verzeichnet, wodurch sich dieser Bulle möglicherweise von den Jahren zuvor unterscheidet.

Bitcoin price reaches $40,000 less than three weeks after reaching $20,000

Another important milestone is passed once the price of Bitcoin reaches USD 40,000 in the first week of 2021 alone.

Bitcoin (BTC) reached $40,000 on January 7th in the last significant milestone for the cryptomone bull.

BTC price crushes $30,000 tranche in record time

Data from Cointelegraph Markets and TradingView confirmed that the BTC/USD officially reached new highs during Thursday’s trading activity, bringing weekly gains to over 40%.

In just one of Bitcoin’s many accomplishments this year, the leading cryptomoney conquered bearish forecasts of a retraction after rising rapidly during the last 24 hours.

As Cointelegraph reported, Bitcoin’s the news spy review ratio generated signals that suggested the bullish race was far from over and probably just beginning.

According to Cointelegraph Markets analyst Michaël van de Poppe:

“The markets are doing very well and the bull cycle is starting quite well here. That means that the market will probably continue to perform strongly next year. With the standard corrections of 20-30%, be prepared, they happen and represent opportunities.”

“Less than a month after Bitcoin topped $20,000, its price doubled to $40,000. Now it’s hard for anyone to deny that we’re seeing the maturation of an entirely new asset class. This could be the ‘broadband moment’ for crypto currencies, where every company and individual must think seriously about how they engage and interact with crypto currencies,” added Sui Chung, CEO of CF Benchmarks, which is the FCA-regulated index provider that uses CME.

Barry Silbert, who until today was CEO of the asset management company Grayscale, summed up:

“It’s funny to think that a drop in the price of bitcoin to $20,000 would feel like the buying opportunity of a lifetime.”

Meanwhile, news of Bitcoin’s successes reached beyond cryptology circles to financial figures, including Holger Zschaepitz, a popular financial commentator and regular contributor to German news publication Die Welt.

Mati Greenspan of Quantum Economics suggested that:

“Graphs only tell the story of the past and we are in completely new territory. This bullish run started at $10k and 10 times the previous historical high seems to be the norm for a bullish bitcoin cycle. So, as we approach the halfway point with extreme momentum, outstanding volumes and exceptional fundamentals, I see this as a stop on the road to a bitcoin price that could possibly be around $100k.”

On the other hand, David Lifchitz, CIO of the asset management company ExoAlpha, added a note of caution. Bitcoin, he argued, was rising too fast, evoking memories of the dotcom boom.

“What’s troubling isn’t the fact that BTC is going up, it’s its speed (the speed it’s going…) that’s troubling… Definitely in bubble territory, but history has shown that ‘markets can remain irrational longer than they can remain solvent,'” he told Cointelegraph in private comments.

“At the end of 1999, everyone was convinced that we were at the top, but the technology stock bubble lasted another 3 months and rose higher and higher until it finally burst in a big way.

Altcoins surpass Bitcoin’s profits in 2021

So far this year, the BTC/USD pair has obtained yields that are only exceeded by certain altcoins. Currently, Ether (ETH) has risen 62% during the year and Stellar (XLM) has recovered 150%. As a result, Bitcoin’s dominance rate has slipped below 70%.

In the case of Ether, the historical highs remain around the corner and some analysts estimate that the main altcoin could rise to $2,600 in the short term.

Previsioni dei prezzi Bitcoin: Analisti rialzista per il 2021

Catherine Coley, CEO di Binance, con sede negli Stati Uniti, ritiene che Bitcoin potrebbe essere testimone di un prezzo di 100.000 USD dopo la rapida impennata a 30.000 USD.

Ha spiegato all’agenzia di stampa KLTA che l’improvviso rally che la Bitcoin ha dovuto affrontare per passare da 19.000 dollari a oltre 34.000 dollari sul cambio di valuta criptata potrebbe essere un indicatore del fatto che la valuta criptata si dirigerà verso i 100.000 dollari entro la fine dell’anno. Ha suggerito che il rally, molto probabilmente guidato da una recente ondata di investitori istituzionali e da un certo numero di nuove balene Bitcoin che inondano il mercato, potrebbe continuare a far salire alle stelle il Bitcoin. Si è offerta:

“Dove forse pensavamo che forse 50.000 dollari avevano un senso, questo numero sarà sicuramente un po’ più alto di quello, secondo me. Penso che andremo verso i 75.000-100.000 dollari per la Bitcoin entro la fine del 2021”.

Previsioni rialziste per Bitcoin

Coley non è l’unico individuo nella comunità di criptocambio che spinge una previsione rialzista per il prezzo del Bitcoin. Tyler e Cameron credono che ci sia un caso che il Bitcoin System abbia raggiunto un prezzo di 500.000 dollari. Guardando i dati degli ultimi anni di trading Bitcoin e il mercato finanziario generale e la mancanza di forza nell’economia, i gemelli Gemelli hanno dichiarato che pensano che il Bitcoin supererà l’oro come bene coperto rispetto al dollaro:

“Se abbiamo ragione ad usare un framework in oro per valutare il bitcoin, e il bitcoin continua su questa strada, allora lo scenario del toro per il bitcoin è che è sottovalutato da un multiplo di 45″. Detto diversamente, il prezzo del bitcoin potrebbe apprezzare 45x da dove si trova oggi, il che significa che potremmo vedere un prezzo di 500.000 dollari USA per bitcoin”.

Alla fine dello scorso anno, il leader della crescita del Kraken Dan Held ha notato che vede il Bitcoin entrare in un superciclo nel 2021. Secondo Held, questo potrebbe far salire il prezzo del Bitcoin fino a di dollari, un aumento di oltre 100 X. Held ritiene che l’improvvisa impennata delle adozioni – così come il massiccio aumento dei prezzi – porterà il Bitcoin a diventare un bene molto più prezioso, facendo salire alle stelle la domanda.

Aumenta l’attenzione dei Bitcoin

Oltre all’aumento degli investimenti istituzionali, con aziende come MicroStrategy e Grayscale che si aggiungono ai loro portafogli di criptovalute, l’attenzione verso Bitcoin è cresciuta. Poiché sempre più individui – sia la grande distribuzione che i piccoli dettaglianti – investono in Bitcoin, il prezzo aumenta, il che fa aumentare l’attenzione verso il mercato. Recentemente, il Bitcoin è finito sulla prima pagina del Financial Times, il che indica un altro massiccio passo avanti per una possibile ulteriore attenzione da parte degli investitori.